Monday, September 04, 2017

ImpOp Music Playlist September 2017 Edition: 33 Tracks!

Anti-Flag “Racists” (punk)
Its times like these under the Trump regime that we need more inspirational music like this. "You don't get a pass, get a pass for your ignorance."
Their new album American Fall, will be released 11/3/17.

Atmosphere “Like A Fire” (rap)

Avenged Sevenfold “Dose” (metal)
Let's be honest, AX7's newest album The Stage, was a disappointing concept album. The ambitions were lofty but fans were left with meandering songs that were too long to listen to. To counter the disappointment of fans, AX7 did what most bands do in this situation. They release a lot of bonus material and cover songs to make up for the dismal effort. They released a covers of Mr. Bungle's "Retrovertigo" and the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" but it was their original effort, "Dose" that was spectacular!

Bleached “Sour Candy” (rock)

Blink-182 “Built This Pool (punk)
The best 0:17 love song you've ever heard. And that, is an ImpOp guarantee.

The Coathangers “Follow Me” (punk)

Combichrist “My Life My Rules” (metal)

Dan Auerbach “Shine on Me” (indie)

The Dead South “In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company” (country)

The Dirty Heads “Red Lights” (rock)

Dropkick Murphys “Rebels With A Cause” (punk)

Error37 “Let Us Duel” (metal)

Flogging Molly “There’s Nothing Left Pt.1” (indie)

Gogol Bordello “Saboteur Blues” (indie)

Goldfinger “Who’s Laughing Now” (punk)

Guttermouth “A Boy And His Love Gun” (punk)
Lead singer Mark Adkins is pretty much an insane person. He partied the early years of Guttermouth away and even ended up penniless in Mexico, but he's back now and he's much better. Anywho, he's reunited the boys and they are killing it with two new albums about politics, religion, and cocks.

Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit “White Man’s World” (country)

The Lippies “As We Fall” (punk)

The Mavericks “Easy As It Seems” (country)

Nine Inch Nails “Less Than” (rock)

Nothing More “Go To War” (rock)

Portugal. The Man “Easy Tiger” (indie)

Rancid “Buddy” (punk)

Rise Against “Welcome To The Breakdown” (punk)
ImpOp has loved RA for a longtime now but their last album, The Black Market, was pure garbage and the fans rightfully hated it! The political punkers are never going to reach the artistic level of their earliest work, but how could they? The band simply reached a creative level most groups cannot even fathom, and they are expected to remain there forever. Its not possible but the good news is here, Wolves is a solid album! Try this track and see if you rejoin the throng.

Seether “I’ll Survive” (rock)

The Shins “Mildenhall” (indie)

Shoddy Blacktooth “God Damnit I Ain’t You” (indie)

Stars “Privilege” (indie)
Teenage Bottlerocket “No Hugging No Learning” (punk)

Tyler, The Creator “I Ain’t Got Time” (rap)

12 Foot Ninja “Invincible” (rock)

Wednesday 13 “Ghoul of My Dreams” (rock)

Sunday, September 03, 2017

The GOON Movies

The comedy/action movies starring Seann William Scott called Goon, and Goon: Last of the Enforcers are highly underrated movies. 

ImpOp has never been hockey fans but sports movies, in general, are great, and these are no exception.

A ton of face punching, blood spattering fun with a heart of gold. Seriously, the protagonist is a simple man but the cast of hilarious fuck-ups add all the spice you'll need. There is a bit of plot of course, but not enough to get in the way of the violence and blood so no worries. 

Look for cameo appearances from Letterkenny and the Trailer Park Boys

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Aquaman Reigns With New Creative Team

Aquaman has long been one of ImpOp's favorite comic book character but there has been a lull in the book's recent run (no offense to writer Dan Abnett and artist Scot Eaton). The art has been decent but not up to the standards that should be attributed to a character the level of Aquaman. If the king of the seven seas is on par with the likes of his fellow Justice League members, he should be treated as such. Now, artist Stjepan Sejic has stepped in at issue #25, and his gorgeous pencils have made the Aquaman book elite once again hearkening back to the days when Ivan Reis when teamed with stellar writer Geoff Johns

Arthur Curry has been betrayed by his people of Atlantis and is presumed dead (killed by his own guardsman Murk). His longtime love Mera is waging her own war on the underseas world in defense of her man, while throne usurper King Corum Rath builds his new kingdom. Aquaman is hiding out in the slums of the Drift and has encountered a new ally in the silent Dolphin (in her 1st appearance since DC's Rebirth).

Aquaman is also slowly changing his look from the traditional to a style more akin to the upcoming version in the Justice League movie played by Jason Mamoa. Things are looking up for Aquaman even when he is down. Aquaman issue #25 is the perfect jumping on point as the character is building up to a long rumored big crossover story, "Rise of the Seven Seas," by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Famous Women Who Have Improved With Age

1. Michelle Pfeiffer (58)

58! The woman is 58! She looks better than most 20 year olds for shit's sake! Fucking 58? Unreal. Watch The Hollywood Knights from 1980, and then in 2007's Stardust. Well, just look at her in the 2000's and skip the awful fantasy adventure movie. 

2. Jennifer Aniston (48)

She was always attractive and beloved on the terrible TV show Friends, but as Aniston has neared 50, she has become twice as beautiful. How is that even possible? Also, there is this... 
It's an awful invasion of privacy but ImpOp watches it daily.

3. Charlize Theron (41)

Timeless, absolutely timeless. The woman is simply a genetic freak who may live a thousand years and still never age. 

4. Marisa Tomei (52)

The woman who broke "them" out in Slums of Beverly Hills, to the woman in The Wrestler, Marisa has never lost her alluring figure. She also shows off the girls in Loverboy, Untamed Heart, Factotum, and a ton in Before The Devil Knows You're Dead. God bless this uninhibited woman.

5. Heather Graham (47)

Did anyone else think Heather was in her 30's? The lady is 47! ImpOp would kill your entire family to have her pee on us.

6. Alyssa Milano (44)

At 44, she's long escaped "teen idol hell" and only improved as she aged. Who cares if she was never in a good movie. She really shined in Embrace of the Vampire and Poison Ivy II: Lily showing her best acting skills.

7. Jaime Pressly (40)

The youngest woman on our list, Jaime looks as hot as her 27 year old sister Margot Robbie. She's had multiple kids and her tummy is still as flat as RC Cola.

8. Salma Hayek (50)

ImpOp would eat a trail of her shit till we met her wonderful ass. Don't act like you would not.

9. Halle Berry (50)

C'mon, of course she's on the list. 

10. Christina Applegate (45)

Kelly Bundy was never ImpOp's thang as we were more Samantha Micelli fans. Then, Christina caught our eyes again when she became Veronica Corningstone in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and realized she went from slutty teen to bewitching woman. 

Honorable Mention:

Gabrielle Union (44), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (56), Naomi Watts (48), Sandra Bullock (52) and Stacey Dash (50) would have made the list if'n she wasn't a Republican. 

Friday, July 07, 2017

ImpOp Music Playlist July Edition: Father John Misty, Gorillaz, Portugal. The Man, The Shins & More! 39 Tracks!

Bleached “Can You Deal” (rock)
Bleachers “Don’t Take The Money” (pop)
Blink-182 “6/8” (punk)
The Coathangers “Make It Right” (punk)
Cold War Kids “Love Is Mystical” (rock)
Dan Auerbach “Waiting on a Song” (indie)
The Dirty Heads “Too Cruel” (punk)
Dropkick Murphys “Blood” (punk)
Error37 “XxCactaurXCorexX” (metal)
Father John Misty “Total Entertainment Forever” (indie)
Flatfoot 56 & Il Neige “Penny” (punk)
Flogging Molly “Crushed (Hostile Nations)” (indie)
Goldfinger “Put The Knife Away” (punk)
Gorillaz “Let Me Out” (hip hop)
Greg Graffin “Backroads of My Mind” (folk)
Guttermouth "The Point" (punk)
Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit “If We Were Vampires” (country)
Kids & Chemicals “Sea of Trees” (rock)
The Lippies “302” (punk)
The Mavericks “Rolling Along” (country)
Missio “Middle Fingers” (rock)
The Mountain Goats “Rain In Soho” (indie)
The Old 97’s & Brandi Carlile “Good With God” (country)
Pearl Jam “Again Today” (rock)
New Pornographers "High Ticket Attractions (indie)

Portugal. The Man “Noise Pollution” (indie)
Prophets of Rage “Unfuck The World” (rock)
Radkey “Romance Dawn” (punk)
Rancid “Bovver Rock & Roll” (punk)
The Real McKenzies “Sail Again” (punk)

Red Fang “Cut It Short” (metal)
Rise Against “Politics of Love” (punk)
Rubblebucket “If U C My Enemies” (pop)
The Shins “Heartworms” (indie)
Shoddy Blacktooth “I Don’t Cry (I Get Drunk & High)” (indie)
Steel Woods “Axe” (country)
12 Foot Ninja “Collateral” (rock)
Waters “Hiccups” (rock)
Wavves “Daisy” (indie)

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Rancid Trouble Maker: ImpOp Album Review

Three years after their last album, punk revivalists Rancid are back with their new album Trouble Maker. The effort is 19 songs based around the sound that the Berkeley tribe made famous. Sure, there isn't a lot of innovation or experimentation on this album, but is that really what you want from this band? No! We want rocking punk music with heart, an ear to the streets, and danceable riffs. It's a much better effort than 2014's Honor Is All We Know which just didn't seem to have the passion of their past work. Rancid has only made one bad album in 26 years (hello there Life Won't Wait) which is simply amazing and awe inspiring! This album, is a must buy and the best punk album of 2017 (so far)!

ImpOp's 3 Favorite Tracks

"Bovver Rock & Roll" A classic, classic rock n' roll track.

"Where I'm Going" This is the stutter beat pogo dance song that is a breakaway hit.

"This Is Not The End" Rock hard and never die! The boys shall return!

Rancid Trouble Maker B
Total Tracks 19
Tracks Saved 18
Time 39 minutes

This is Rancid's best album in 8 years as the squad has returned to form and they are currently on tour with Dropkick Murphys!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dan Auerbach Waiting On A Song: ImpOp Album Review

Dan Auerbach Waiting on a Song, is the 2nd solo studio album from the Black Keys frontman. Eight years ago, Dan released his initial solo album, Keep It Hid, which felt and sounded like it should have just been another Black Keys album, but his newest effort is more diverse and sounds more like Auerbach is channeling his inner Beck, with happier music. 

ImpOp’s 3 Favorite Tracks:

“Waiting on a Song” The title track is a beautiful haunt into how the songs are inspired.

“Show Me” A light chantey about wanting that special lady to prove her love.

“Shine on Me” This is a fun one that sounds like classic Traveling Wilbury’s which we appreciate greatly.

Dan Auerbach Life Is Good B-
Total Tracks 10
Tracks Saved 7
Time 32:38 minutes

This album would be rated higher but its so damn short and there were a couple of tracks that were just eh, and chucked in the trash. A good album overall and Dan is still showing growth and trying new things. This time he even did it with, dare we say it, joy.